Temple of Ahnqiraj boost on BoostBay.com – Your courage will fail

Dark whispers ride on the winds of Silithus desert. An old terror is brought back. Thankfully, he’s not “mathematically unbeatable” from the start! Grab our Temple of Ahn’Qiraj boost today and conquer one of hardest boss fights of vanilla World of Warcraft!

Depending on which veteran player you ask, AQ40 was either “boring and hard,” the Twin Emperors fight alone took up to fifteen minutes, or just “hard,” especially the “death trash” mob packs near the end. C’thun, on the other hand, has touched the minds of many raiders and is fondly remembered up to this day because of his unsettling look, exceptional boss design and a whole legacy of world race drama between EU and US back in 2006.

This place drops tier 2.5 items, which are required for what comes next! If you want to be sure that all goes without a hitch – go and find yourself a raid crew on BoostBay.com.

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