How to Be an Expert in Teas

He talks for almost two hours about the infatuation that tea can produce. Of the feelings and sensations that it provokes, and of the enormous amount of people who are trapped, year after year, in the passion for this drink. That love, that devotion, explains why the Rosario Diego Morlachetti dedicated his first book to this infusion. And why he did it with such dedication and delicacy, so much care, so much detail Tea for spiritual purposes.

On the “seed of passion of Diego” refers, in the introduction of The Book of Tea Gourmand, the expert Rajah Banerjee, a Hindu teacher super recognized in the world, which highlights the work of Morlachetti, director of the Argentine School of Té, who put all his knowledge at the service of this brand new graphic work that was edited by the local label Homo Sapiens.

In a talk with Más, the author gave details about the “kitchen” of this interesting product illustrated with photographs by Gustavo GoñI and Flavia Morlachetti and design by Guillermo Buelga. “I came up with the proposal to the publisher and I found that its owner, Perico, is passionate about tea, something he did not know, he told me a lot of anecdotes, of situations that he lived on trips. At the beginning, a conversation more associated with tea as a drink than the project, I think we talked about two hours of the teas each one had tasted, of those that they had given us, “he says with a smile.

And that’s also what tea is about, being an ideal companion in solitude or in meetings. “Yes, it usually happens that I meet people who do not know what I do and for one reason or another we end up talking about this drink”, and adds: “What happens is that consumption is very common and is increasingly widespread The statistics show that in Argentina, in each household, one kilo of yerba mate per month is bought, but also a tea package, obviously one weighs one kilo and the other 50 grams, but that is incorporated into everyday life is something true. “

Even, reveals the expert, millennials are delighted with the tea and incorporate it into their day to day much more than one imagines. “Tea fits perfectly in the healthy move, in the desire to make some pauses in a hectic life, and many young people, although it seems contradictory, are on this path”.

The book, says Morlachetti, is intended for connoisseurs but also for those who wish to experiment for the first time with the different varieties of the infusion and its different ways of preparation. “There are those who have been drinking tea for 40 years and those who have new interests.

In fact, in the publication I make a profile of consumers, “he says. Chapter 5 is just dedicated to discovering what is the palate of each tea?. “In many foods, people know how they like it and describe it exactly: juicy meat, al dente pasta, sweet mate, strong sauce, well-cooked vegetables, but when you ask about how they like tea, they begin the doubts, or the answers are schematic, “says the author.

“The palate of a food determines the relationship with that food, that is why self-knowledge is so relevant, so I thought of inviting readers to define their palate for tea, and for that I propose some simple paths, which can even be go perfecting. “